I have been in the fitness industry for nearly thirty years and have specialised in Pilates for the last twenty.

I turned to Pilates after the birth of my first child when I discovered my pelvic floor was no more and my abs were shot! I had another two babies in quick succession and Pilates was my saviour, physically and mentally.

Claire Wray - Pilates in Leeds

Now my interest is in helping women of a similar age who find what they got away with in their twenties and thirties no longer works for them! 

We’re the Sandwich Generation, often with older relatives, children, jobs, businesses and households to run.  We’re really the first generation of this kind and the pressure is immense.  You need scientifically proven methods to support your body and mental health. 

I now run online programmes that run alongside classes or as a stand alone plan.  Week by week we cover topics relevant to busy women’s concerns to help you live a happier and healthier life.