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PRIME 2021

  • Are you a busy women struggling with low energy levels?
  • Do you have sugar cravings?
  • Does your brain feel foggy?
  • Is your sleep broken?
  • Do you suffer from bloating or digestive problems?
  • Are hormones causing weight gain?
  • Does stress cause you to “fall off the wagon?"

As we get older our needs change.  What we got away with in our twenties and thirties can have a dramatically different effect on our bodies in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

You might think joining a high intensity workout programme or following a low calorie diet is the answer but that may actually work against your body, cause extra weight gain and make you feel more stressed! 

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years and my needs have changed.  I wasn’t interested in menopause  or pelvic floor health in my 20’s, but now I’ve had to learn how to work with my body, in a holistic way, to stay energised, focussed without piling on the pounds.

wellbeing course for women

Our hormones are chemical messengers that start to decline in our forties and there is a huge amount of information now in the media to help with HRT and menopause. However, lifestyle changes can make this decline far easier to manage.

In fact, some cultures experience no negative effects from menopause at all proving that changes in diet, food behaviours, exercise and managing stress and sleep can make this transitional phase the Prime time of our life! 



You'll Get

  • Daily talks live in the private Facebook group that you can watch anytime 
  • Monday to Friday workouts with me, posted early so you can workout at a time that suits you
  • Weekly topics including hormonal profiling, better sleep, stress reductions, brain health, the female fat cell, self sabotage, HRT, managing cravings and much more
  • Full shopping list and eating plan that we tailor to you and easy recipes
  • Access to me via the group for support, motivation and questions
  • A private Facebook group to support each other, ask questions and keep you motivated!

Starting 28th March 2021

This next plan starts on 28th March 2021. Numbers ARE LIMITED so book NOW!

Starting 28th March 2021

This next plan starts on 28th March 2021.  Numbers ARE LIMITED so book NOW!

Life Changing Opportunity

Our mid-life should be the Prime of our lives!  This ten-week plan is truly life changing and you can be part of it for only £99! 

Don't miss out!


12 WEEK PLAN - £120.00

12 Week Plan

The next course starts in January 2021. Register your interest by completing the form.